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ECOsmarte Pool & Spa System


Schroeder's Pool Service is one of the only pool companies locally that offers 100% chemical-free pool and spa service and is also a certified dealer of the ECOsmarte systems. You will literally be swimming in bottled water!


Whether you're building a new pool, remodeling an existing pool, or would like to switch to a chlorine alternative on an existing in-ground pool or above-ground pool or spa, ECOsmarte offers you a proven system that uses no regular chemicals or salt in your swimming pool or spa. The ECOsmarte fresh water system offers you every benefit found with a saltwater system with none of the negatives.


What began as a product for chemically sensitive, cancer aware or environmentally conscious consumers in 1994, has evolved into a proven product with installations in all 50 U.S. states and over 100 countries. Salt water chlorine generators have created a demand by consumers to reduce the handling of chemicals and ECOsmarte delivers an affordable system that actually takes the swimmer out of the high amperage, chlorine, acid and salt.



ECOsmarte Whole House System


ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry systems dramatically improve the quality of water by filtering out 99.5% of the chlorine, ammonia and other harmful chemicals that may be added to the water by municipal water companies to sanitize the water. Once the water is stripped of these chemicals by filtering through granual activated carbon, it is then sanitized in a chemical-free manner through the use of copper ionization. The water is also oxidized in the process.


In addition to sanitizing the water, the ECOsmarte system protects your plumbing and plumbing fixtures by preventing minerals from forming hard scale by converting the calcium carbonate to calcium bicarbonate. Scale build-up is one of the most common causes of failure to hot water heaters and dishwashing machines. The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry system not only provides bottled water quality throughout your whole house, hot and cold, inside and out, but it also increases the life of your appliances, including your hot water heater, dishwashing machine, coffee maker and ice maker.



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